Cross-country skiing is a popular sport in which participants kick and glide across snow-covered terrain or along specially prepared tracks. The Speedmax Skate Plus cross-country skis offer significantly improved gliding properties for top athletes and competition-oriented cross-country skiers. This is achieved by a new processing technique for the skis’ base. An innovative production method, the so called Cold Base Bonding technology, does without the conventional combination of heat and pressure when adding the base. As a result, the homogeneity of the original molecular structures of the base is retained. The design of the Speedmax Skate Plus visualises the thus achieved attributes of speed and perceived value. It combines a clear form vocabulary with consistent product graphics, which blend matt and glossy effects. Another distinctive and highly recognisable design element is the hole in the tip of these cross-country skis – functionally, this reduces the dynamic swing weight. The design of the Speedmax Skate Plus successfully unites innovative product features with an appearance of extremely sporty elegance in an impressive manner.

Aesthetic gliders

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