1. An ultimate cold weather middle layer with full covered design to give extra
protection for mouth, nose, ears and face.
2. For people who like to ski, snow board, fishing, camping, cycling, motor
biking, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities with all over
protection from the coldness.
3.The ninja all-covered fleece with mask and hood. the hidden mask behind the
hood can be pulled out to cover the mouth and nose and can be invisible
when the mask is hidden behind the hood. Cycling or motor biking, the mask
can be used to tight the hood on the rear of the neck.
4. One piece for all. No need to have hats, scarfs, ear warmers, and masks.
5. The double side pockets can contain water bottles and other necessities. You
can even place a folding jacket from the front pocket to the back pocket.
6. Up to the shoulder side, the two invisible zippers can provide ventilation to
ensure you are comfortable.
7. The fabric is using the thermal fleece with super thickness about 400g. On the
surface, the knitting surface of the fleece gives a touch of softness like
sweaters, but inner it have long brushed fur to keep warm.

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