The Galileo 2 series is the result of consistent evolution of the original Galileo dive computer. The design is characterized by its clear and dynamic lines, the front views are intentionally kept simple to focus the diver’s view onto the essentials. The crisp, bright color displays are always easy to read.
The ergonomic, compact shape of the Galileo 2 wristband computer perfectly fits to the diver’s arm. The lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear.
The formal expression of the wrist version was continued to create a remarkably slim and powerful console computer. The orbiting chamfers as a design element and the prominent pushers clearly show the unity of the two Galileo 2s.
The three-button controls of both Galileo 2 series scores with excellent feel even under the toughest conditions under water. The user interface structure is simple and self-explanatory.
The modular construction of the Galileo 2 series simplifies the manufacturing process and allows the use of a variety of components in both devices.

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