Fun, quirky, a little tongue-in-cheek yet delightfully functional. The Fruity Kitty Kove epitomizes the needs and demands of the modern day cat owner.

The fully enclosed cat litter box is accessible through a flip door, inhibiting pungent odor of cat wastes from spreading throughout the house. Just below it, a sliding drawer makes cleaning after your cat a walk in the park. An attached landing pad that can be folded upwards during transportation doubles as a cat litter catchment area keeps the surrounding litter free. A separate cat litter shovel that comes with its own holder is paired along with it, retaining the design of the cat litter box.

The Fruity Kitty Kove comes in three designs: Orange, Watermelon and Lime, and each is paired respectively with cat litter made from recycled wood perfumed by the scents of these fruits.
The first of its kind in the world, the Fruity Kitty Kove pushes the boundaries of imagination on pet products like it has never been done before and at the same time, delivers a truly all-in-one functional solution to cat owners all over the world.

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