This is not only a litter tray which can easy to change training pads, also a great teaching tool for dogs.
No more worry about the urine dirty when you change the training pads – the easy snap on/off grate system take you away from the dirty.
The silicone covers set at four corners of the litter tray that can fixed training pads. So you can place the training pads upon or under the grate.
The pee post is designed for the male dog. It comes with the scaling function can match up different size products to serve for different size dogs.
The hanging walldevice is a smart odor eliminator,it can cooperate with the dog litter tray . The infrared thermal detection system place inside which can remove odor and inhibit the bacteria. The eliminator can identify automatically when pets enters the detection range, then turns on the odor removal function and releases the negative ions to inhibit the bacteria when pets leave.

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