Designed as a flexible and height-adjustable shared pet feeder , Lifting Dog Table bears great resemblance to the pervasive application of sharing , such as bike -sharing, umbrella- sharing , and so on, which boost of our imagination. In fact, sharing is considered to be rational and appropriate usage of the products . Based on the Sharing principle, we obtain our inspiration from the development of a tree, from a seed sprouting to a small tree , then grow taller and taller , with all the branches untill a gaint one . Similarly, the base of the product is like the root of trees, the crisscrossing design make it more stable on the floor . the pillar in the middle is similar to the trunk and is used for height changing; the bowls spread out act as branches which can be adjusted due to different height , Quantity , size etc . This product can be used durably covering most of the pet growth phases and different sizes of pets sharing .
This product serves as a food feeder for pets with fixed base, adjustable height and bowls that can be changed due to real circumstances. This product could solve many feeding problems for different type and size of the pet .

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