Foldable Travel Feeding Mat is a portable food feeder for pets. Just as the Chines saying goes, “Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles,” since pets have become a vital part of a family, most people take their pets anywhere they go, and this product manages to solve a series of problem regarding feeding and drinking . We obtain our inspiration from the shaft of ancient Chinese books, using nontoxic and food grade silicone material. The product, just like a shaft, enables the product to be rolled up and folded as an ancient chinese book ., which makes it portable when traveling. When using it, we only have to unroll it and sproud out , the product will return to normal automatically, effectively reducing the burden of carrying pet feeders
1. It is made of food grade and nontoxic silicone material
2. The mat and the bowl are combined together . The mat could effectively hold the spilled out food and ensures the stability of the bowls ,also prevents it from flipping over.
3. As it is made of soft silicone material, the bowl includes creases enabling the bowl to be a folded and rolled up as a shaft, which make it easy to carry and place.

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