Thule Vital provides the elite MTB cyclist access to nutrition and tools on the go with a minimal amount of distraction.
The iconic low-slung stance is more stable than traditional bags, and is visually accentuated by the extension between the top of the bag and shoulder straps. While keeping water weight over the hips, the stance also provides a location for ‘jersey’ style hip belt pockets. A feature that is functionally identical to pocketing classically found on cycling apparel, these pockets are ideal for nutrition, a phone, or tools. The turned edge at the top of the pocket keeps items secure while riding. Colour accents call attention to the pocket opening.
The magnetic system attaching the drinking hose to the shoulder strap is also called out with colour accents. This feature allows for a safer hands-free return of the hose to the strap, also keeping it secure while riding.
Bag body materials are fit for purpose—lightweight where possible and strong where needed, while against the user’s body performance ventilation is paramount. Overall slim silhouette, minimal seams and tapered pattern shapes convey tension and motion, which relate to the dynamic nature of the sport.

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