The Shear Reduction outsole is a Basketball concept that reduces the shear forces within the shoe exerted by athletes performing on count. The nature of most intensive sports involves a combination of explosive power matched with the wide spectrum of quick and agile movements. In consideration of this, it is essential for the footwear worn to harmoniously react to the athlete’s movements to prevent injury avoid discomfort and optimize performance.
The new data discovered; outlined and verified that one of the most common yet unstudied
Injury problems suffered by athletes on-court were the damaging effects of Shear rotation on
the foot due to the sharp and powerful twisting movements in action. This is referred as ‘Cutting’
Essentially the Shear reduction concept is an EVA structure formed around of spiraling blades that are engineered to respond to the shear movement of the foot inside the shoe.
The blade structure rotates and deforms up to 45-degrees from its original position once the foot creates shear movement from within.
The structure only allows the blade to rotate freely in one direction once pressure is applied in the centre.

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