G Master Skyline is designed for runners who are living in busy cities. It provides runners with agile, cool, supportive and safe experience.

With unique graphene-reinforced formula, the anti-static outsole only weights 90 grams, and the abrasion resistance is two times better than general EVA outsoles. The heel and forefoot foams on the outsole will absorb the shock from foot strikes without taking too much runners’ energy. The Carbon fiber plate under foot arch is able to stabilize each strike. The tread inspired patterns on the outsole offer maximum friction in all weather conditions.

The uppers are made by integral knit technique, which sets no limits for adding ventilation holes and supporting bands on the textile. The light-weighted, honeycomb-structured insole provides protection and efficient cooling. Thin TPU coatings on the uppers give extra support and stability during running. Inner textiles contain silver fiber, which have deodorizing and anti-static properties. Reflective patterns surround the uppers, making sure that the shoe is visible and the runner is safe at night. Skyline’s heel to toe drop is 8 mm, which is suitable for all running styles.

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