Wall Crawler is featured with a large ‘trigger’ fire key which enable user to fire up this bad boy and enjoy vapor easily. The fire key has a ergonomic curve that gives a firm and tight grip.
Wall Crawler’s battery chamber features a prominent screw cap, it not only makes the whole product more compact, but also adds a mechanic feel to the product. Wall Crawler is a perfect on the go vape kit that is lightweight, high-tech, compact, and stealthy, and is designed to fit right in the pocket.
Wall Crawler is launching a new speed heating technology ‘Supercharger’ in order to offer instant big and tasteful vapor to user. Supercharger technology enables user to drive Wall Crawler’s power output from 0 to max in just 0.005 second with tremendous torque, and it turns Wall Crawler into a pocket size feral beast that packs hell of a punch.
Wall Crawler’s User Interface is not just about its stunning look, it is designed to be user friendly that allows user to easily find the exact right submenus for all the tweaks and hacks in just 2-3 steps. It also features a ‘Smart Battery Screening System’ that monitors the installed battery’s general condition, identifies good batteries from

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