Tomoloo H3 „Dragon Knight“ electric smart three-wheel skateboard is a tailored electric smart skateboard for Europe and the United States young people who loves sports, the current market has no similar style, it is a new category of innovation. Product design inspiration comes from the movie styling of dragon knight, after art processing, we add lights on dragon head, dragon body and dragon tail, its shape and the wonderful lights bring vitality and spirituality to this skateboard.
Tomoloo H3 „Dragon Knight“ electric smart three-wheel skateboard using steering mechanism with its own intellectual property, and applied for an international invention patent. It can control the turning radius of 2 meters, the electronic machinery parts it use are the most mature, reliable motor and controller, so that users feel relaxed and comfortable in the process of using and experience. In the entire skateboard category, its usability, handling, Disabilities are very good.
We are very optimistic about its future growth, and we willing to bring this good product to consumers around the world.

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