Maximum frame protection and universal fit.
Thule UpRide is designed to securely hold the bike by grabbing the front wheel only, while a ratcheting wheel strap secures the back wheel to the tray. With no parts of the bike rack making contact with the frame, Thule UpRide is ideal for bikes with carbon frames. The versatile design also means that you can bring virtually any styles and sizes of bikes regardless of frame design, brake system, suspension, or wheel size. Thule UpRide can accommodate bikes from 20” to 29”, with wheelbases up to 1240 mm and tires up to 3″, and weighing up to 20 kg.

The materials used are honest, carefully selected, and well adapted to the environment where the product is used – no unnecessary embellishments. The visual foundation is a dynamic aluminum tray, stylishly paired with black elements and highlighted functionality through distinctive action points. Thule UpRide is tailored in a form that follows function. Each part has a purpose and all are qualitatively connected by unforgiving accentuated edges. The design of the bike rack and the materials used are optimized to achieve the required strength and safety with minimized weight and size impact.

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