SportModular is the first motorcycle helmet ever to combine the compact dimensions, low weight and performance of a top sport full-face helmet with the comfort and convenience of a flip-up helmet, making it the ideal choice for sport-touring motorcycling. SportModular is the first 100% carbon fiber flip-up ever made, including the chin guard, making it possible to reach world leading safety performance together with the unparalleled weight of 1295g. SportModular features unrivaled visibility with 190° peripheral and 85° vertical vision and Max Vision Pinlock120 anti-fog system. The wind tunnel engineered shell provides maximum dynamic comfort, stability and ventilation, with the adjustable spoiler that allows adjusting the helmet aerodynamics according the rider’s position. The adjustable air vents offer control of the dynamic temperature of the helmet. In case of wet riding, the rear lip profile that directs rain and spray away from the neck. Finally, SportModular features a patented reversible crown that allows the rider to adjust the helmet thermal comfort from warm to cool just flipping the interior crown.

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