KOO Open Cube are a new half frame model with easily removable, interchangeable lenses and a range of colors. With added ventilation, KOO Open Cube ensure the rider’s vision is always crystal clear.

The KOO Open cube are perfect for Road and MTB riders, they now include a lens with a reduced frame including several air intakes for an excellent ventilation to maximise airflow keeping the rider cool and their vision clear. The frame is constructed of polycarbonate with each component 100% made in Italy.

To change the lenses – which are manufactured by the renowned German lens maker Zeiss, the method is simple and they can be easily stored with a Micrometrical arms adjustment system to improve fitting without interfering with comfort. The glasses rest on the nose via a soft rubber nose-pad with two adjustable positions for a customized fit and smaller nose bridge will also come as standard.

In terms of packaging, they weigh just 30g and come in either small or medium with Asian fit available. The lenses are available in seven colourways: infrared (suitable for road), ultra white and red mirror (suitable for mountain biking), clear, photochromic, super blue, smoke mirror.

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