INSAIT K1 is divided into three parts , the subject of ventilator station , tracker and connector of antenna . The subject of ventilator station is responsible for the conversion of data storage, and the power supply to maintain the normal work of the hardware ; tracker can monitor the physical changes of players , locate the player on the field ; The subject of ventilator station and connector of antenna become a entirety , connected with a telescopic rod in the middle ; connector of antenna is connected with ventilator station , tracker of and footballers and mainframe of coaches , responsible for receive and deliver the data .
Appearance of there devices adopted “Y” of football texture , “Y” represents “young”. Green and orange-red are closer to the young energetic football . The subject of ventilator station and connector of antenna looked like guard accord with function of monitoring players‘ physical fitness and preventing from disease. The front plastic part of the machine adopts the appearance element of the football leg plate , the surface fringes spread outwards , focus the visual center on the switch button are highlighting the important points .

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