SenseTube is a vibrating masturbator for men that represents a new generation of sex toys. SenseTube stands out thanks to its possibility to connect to virtual reality adult content through SenseMax’s mobile app. By connecting SenseTube with the application via Bluetooth, the user can enjoy a new immersive intimate experience.
It immediately catches the eye because of its discreet minimalist and modern look, designed to make the toy naturally blend into its environment. SenseTube also innovates with its ergonomic shape and soft outer housing, allowing for excellent control. Thanks to the airlock function that creates a vacuum effect, the realistically stretchy sleeve and the soft shell that surrounds it, SenseTube has the perfect tactile responsiveness, creating an incredibly realistic feel for the user. Furthermore, the motor is smartly placed near the head so that it can produce the most intense vibration.
SenseTube also features magnetic charging, which allows for a completely waterproof toy that can be mounted in the shower with the suction cup that can be attached to it. The innovative drying stand and removable sleeve make SenseTube super easy to clean and dry.

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