Monster Baby Series was designed discreetly to meet women’s needs both aesthetically and ergonomically while adding joy to their life emotionally. Combined with an mobile application and an adorable pet look , it redefines the ways of interaction and offers more than sexual pleasure.
· Based on a playful pet look design favored by most women, It has the power to bring such product alive with its vivid appearance and conveys an emotion of innocent and friendly.
·Packed with smart features such as the “soft joining part”between the motor unit and the control unit, it enhances the vibration while lowering the noises. Switch locating on the ‘tail’ make it easy to switch mode.
·It is paired with MONSTER PUB application to create a unique interaction. An‘immersion operation’allows users to create real-time changes in vibration when slide on the screen intuitively, which can be stored in the cloud to be replayed and shared anonymously. App-free control is also acceptable–A shared link makes remote control possible anywhere around the world. A community formed by anonymous users to securely share questions, fashion trends and other interesting topics in life.

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