The Fish is a well-designed vibration machine typical for Asian young women with comfortable grab and warming function. Its elegant appearance differs from most of the vibration stick at current market, which meets the aesthetic requirement of Asian women. It stands out from most of the vibrator due to its streamlined shape. Also, its fit size, length and skin-stimulated touch guarantees perfect user experience. Fish is bendable to 40°forwardly and 10°backwardly, which offers more flexible and bouncy user experience. Warming up 5 minutes before use is highly recommended since the simulated human temperature offers better experience. Also, the three layers of structure including ABS hard plastic, zero-softness silicone, 45°silicone cover, are simulating human bone, subcutaneous tissue and skin accordingly. To speak of, both of the silicone structure is food-grade silicone, which is safe and odorless. Besides, two-in-one structure of push button satisfies the need of charging, on off and switching modes.

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