With the development of the society progress, more and more people advocate to use the green energy, especially for the solar energy. While the outdoor activates are pretty popular now, but people are anxious without digital devices.
How to solve this problem?
The portable solar power station set is to be perfectly solved it. Our solar panel can be charged for our portable power station, when the power station provides power for your digital devices.
And the most special design is about the solar panel battery. The solar panel is hard to carry and the single function on the current market. So we design this solar panel with 110W built-in battery with 10000mAh, 2 USB ports and DC output cable. When be out, it will be charged by solar, and it can charge for 3 devices at the same time.
While using the solar panel battery to transmit the power from the sun, the potable power station is used to provide the power for digital devices. It will prolong the portable station standby time. And the solar panel battery is also can be used to charge for digital devices directly with the built-in 10000mAh battery.

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