Smart LED lantern, “Prometheus-1” is a high performance product that superior to ordinary fuel lanterns and LED lanterns. Promethus-1 is more eco-friendly nature fuel lantern and very convenience that charge with USB electricity. In contrast with Promethus-1’s safety, fuel lantern is able to cause a fire at the mountain and be danger to children. Prometheus-1 have stronger brightness and durability than ordinary LED lantern. While a camping, it gives users max 1100Lm of brightness. At the result, It offers them have extended activity area. Also be engineered against tough terrain with dust and dirt and has solid structure against with dropping by mistake. Promethus-1 is 100% waterproof product (level IP-54) so it is strong at bad weather during a camping Also it can be used at -10 degrees (Celsius) as 80% performance of it with “Powercell-battery”. Smart function is another advantage of Prometheus-1. By Bluetooth, users can connect it with your smartphone and control it. So users are able to control remotely brightness, auto off timer, SOS and so on by their smart phone.

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