You know the feeling: When you get your first pocket knife you want to start carving right away. With my first OPINEL READY TO CARVE you don’t have to look for wood to carve anymore. Inside a small tree trunk, made from sustainable recycled basswood, there is a colored my first OPINEL No. 7 Childrens Carving Knife, along with an intuitive instruction. You’re all set – start carving. The attached leaf explains the product in short. my first OPINEL READY TO CARVE is available in four favorite colors, which can be identified by the colored ring around the stem. The knives are manufactured by OPINEL® in France, world famous for their pocket knives since the late 19th century. For sale at the outdoor specialist Globetrotter, standup- and display-sets have been developed which set my first OPINEL READY TO CARVE in scene in natural surroundings. The small trunks are stuck to a tree like twigs. Plus, they are also presented at a table display with a striking treetop.

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