Flashlight and lightbulb are two kinds designs of lighting products totally different. Elegance & Excellence (E&E) is a not only focus-adjustable flashlight, but also widely movable and quite safe lightbulb after spiraling the warm-white lens specialty into the head. Moreover, it is a modern camping lamp, which has functions of camping-illumination (lighting time beyond six hours) and night-light (beyond thirty hours). Typical lightbulb has issues of limited electric wire length and easily cracking. Itself has only single color temperature. E&E lightbulb has not only cold-white color temperature, but also especially warm-white one for the warm and fragrant mood. Convectional lighting product cannot be used at emergency peril situations (for example Japan 311 earthquake happening). E&E has not only IPX8 waterproof certification, but also a flash signal function for catching the attention. If common flashlight has higher than 500lm, its whole body length usually is larger than 14cm. E&E is only 12cm and easily carried, and still has full functions. It provides total lighting solutions for outdoor activities (like climbing, camping, river tracing etc.)

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