The product-Bottle Mate is used as adapter for water bottles. It can filter tap water into healthy drinkable water immediately. It is perfect for travelling, business trip, school and household etc.
1. The Bottle Mate is highly efficient. With the carbon fiber inside, it can reduce Lead and other heavy metals which are detrimental to human body. What’s more, it can remove residual chlorine and organic pollutants in tap water to improve the taste and quality of drinking water.
2. The Bottle Mate is compact and portable. The size of Bottle Mate is 35*35*65mm, and the net weight is 36g. It fits the bottles whose inner bottle mouth is 19-25mm and 26-31mm.
3. The Bottle Mate is safe and healthy. The materials are PP and Silica Gel, which are BPA free, and comply with the requirements as specified in US FDA and German LFGB.
4. The bottle Mate is eco-friendly, it can filter more than 100L/26gallons water which equals 300 water bottles (1 bottle=350ml). So there is no need to buy bottled water when you carry the Bottle Mate on a business trip, or taking a travelling.

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