Lenovo karaoke microphone UM6 is a smart microphone designed for young people. Its mark and metal body show its integrity. Its switch and volume buttons are on both sides. With functional tip on the switch and sliding operating mode, it’s easy to get it started. The reverberation effect can be changed by switching the modes from live, singing or recording by only one key. The black body and red buttons make the product more fashionable.
Digital reverberation condenser microphone, integrated sound card and headphone amplifier bring a more professional microphone experience for users. It has the function of real-time headphone monitoring. The 14mm diaphragm condenser microphone is of high sensitivity. It can automatically recognize the sound of environment and human, reduce noise intelligently, and restore the details of human voice with the noise threshold technology and anti-interference function. Lenovo karaoke microphone uses two-channel stereophonic reverberation, bringing a vivid concert/KTV effect for users. Jointly developed with popular APPs, the real-time sharing microphone has also provided more humanized interactive experience for users.

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