Trio is a powerful yet economical smart health bracelet. With an innovative design, Trio measures the user’s heart rate and blood pressure by recording down all the values and save in report for further reference. Through its well designed Coherent breath training and exercises to reduce the stress and fatigue. Moreover, Trio’s unique „HRV Soul matching” function – matching the „fit“ users who also have Trio nearby and connect them for further social activities – makes Trio the only smart bracelet in the world with social networking functions.
Trio measures three major data – ECG, Heart rate with high accuracy and PWTT blood pressure for reference. And it’s so easy to use. Trio can automatically records the user’s heart rate data 24 hours a day. Having these data as a reference, then you can adjust your lifestyle from work to rest any time you needs it. It becomes easier and more effective to reach the physical and mental health balance.
Trio launches the world’s exclusive patented „HRV“ feature to test the “psychic fit” between you and your friends, expand your social circles, and help you find your „Buddies”.

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