This product is a multi-purpose, combined health care unit.
It is a future smart exercise device that allows you to combine IOT technology to manage your personalized management.
Consists of a body with a Stanford type, arm that can expect direct motion effects, and support that maintains the product.
In general, the simplicity has been emphasized for the smart image to create an appearance that is unnecessary and the monitor attached to the front has been able to adjust the angle to fit the view of the athlete.
User perception of the user’s ability to control the intensity of the throttle, the number of digits and the left and right marks.
A structure in which a movable bench can be installed for left-hand movement, and can be postponed on the back of the body for easy storage when not in use.
The front face has a sheet of mirror effect that allows the operator to check out the motion of the exercise and store the storage space for the user’s personal belongings.

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