The Tailfin Carbon Rack and Waterproof Panniers allow cyclists to commute or tour on the road bike they love. Weighing only 650g per pannier, and 350g for the rack, the patented design is beautiful, super easy to use and engineered to fit almost any bike. Uniquely, it can fit road bikes, without tools, in seconds and is certified to carry up to 18KGs (ISO11243).

Until now carrying your belongings whilst riding has always been a compromise: backpacks are only suitable for short distances and light loads; existing rack and panniers are heavy, unsightly, prone to rattling and incompatible with modern road bikes. Tailfin Carbon Rack and Waterproof Panniers are a modern redesign of a bike accessory which has remained almost unchanged for 50 years.

Engineered to make riding easier, faster and more enjoyable. It is the first product from a new, British, cycling brand that creates disruptive, engineered, high-performance products.

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