S2 E-bike is a new intelligent personal transporter.
There are 3 kinds of power boosters, which is full power, semi-power and micro-power mode. The travelling range could reach 30km to 40km under full power mode, it would be greatly increased under semi-assisted mode. S2 relies on the sensor to obtain the force data of pedal, control motor output then reduce the resistances. This easily allows users to enjoy the pleasure of speed. The saddle angle and seat height can be adjusted freely, which enables S2 to suit different heights and riding habits. The wheel diameter is 16 inches. In pursuit of portability, it can balance both the trafficability and comfortability of urban cycling. Equipped with smart meters display, it can show the status of cycling in real time, and carry out advanced functional design and parameter setting via bluetooth connection on exclusive APP. The battery and controller are assembled inside the aluminum tube. A perfect combination of appearance and functionality makes S2 a fashion icon. Its weight of 14KGs guarantees the extreme portability. The length and height of S2 can be reduced in half after folding, which would be in great help for storage.

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