POMICE JERSEY perfect combination of a stylish design,functional materials, ergonomic fitting and good price positioning on the market. One key point is the use of innovative fabrics for the cycling market and the materials combination: we introduce one of the latest generation of technical materials with a new application for active sports; unlike the standard cycling jersey in circular knit we ‘ve used a woven fabric lightweight ,73gr/m2 structured with ultra-thin yarn 20 denier and 4 ways stretch for front and back pockets.This is a significant advantage since it has a superior compactness that provides adequate muscle support and great stability,allows elongation but holds its shape, and at same time it’s highly stretchable which guarantees freedom of movement.Other further feature is the high resistance to abrasion, and above all, it functions as a barrier to wind.In combination with this material, the shoulders and the back are in an optical effect light weight fabric of 100g / m2, 4 ways stretch,with a 3d structure that allows better ventilation because it’s an open structure minimizing contact points the skin to increased breathability and maintaining body temperature, also has a UV barrier.It fits like a second skin; the position of the cuts on the top of the shoulders it’s ergonomically placed in order to achieve maximum comfort when in racing position,avoiding annoying excesses of fabric.The jersey is purposely with only needed cuts and seams to reduce frictions on the skin; the edges are seamless,raw-cutted as well with antislip silicon finishing . Esthetically,the choice is a clean line, well balanced with the colorcombo,the mix of different hand-feel and materials structures, plus the attention to details,to make an attractive product.

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