The e-bike is a popular and frequently used alternative to a bicycle. It is ideal for shorter distances such as the daily commute to work or to the subway station. The design of the Mando Footloose adds a further impressive functional aspect to this form of mobility. It features an innovative and compact design, folds quickly and even rolls when folded. The form language of this e-bike has a natural appeal and all elements elegantly blend into a harmonious unity. The Mando Footloose is powered by an innovative chainless drive: formally consistent with the design, a series hybrid drive system is integrated into its frame. In addition, this e-bike is surprisingly powerful and flexibly adapts to different road conditions. The motor shifts gears electronically when slopes are detected by its intelligent sensors. This allows it to easily climb up slopes of up to 21 per cent using either the throttle or the pedals. Pedalling also generates power, which again charges the battery of this e-bike. The innovative and compact design of the Mando Footloose is an exciting interpretation of an e-bike. It has a harmonious appeal and is convincing with a functionality and adaptability that are both trendsetting and suitable for daily use.

Natural mobility

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