We shaved off grams and added style! Super precise, super lightweight and super efficient: the new, revamped generation of our iconic AMR bike is equipped with benchmark technology and outstanding components. The sleek lines of its distinctive frame make the SL AMR LC a stand-out bike and reflect its progressive tech design. The hexagonal tubed carbon frame of the SL AMR LC delivers impressively precise handling on the trails and with our “Light Carbon Technology” we were able to raise the bar in stiffness, while reducing frame weight considerably. We have further developed benchmark solutions for our super-light anodized rear triangle, which comes with clean internal cable routing and the “Disconnect” brake mount absorbs the braking forces redirecting them to the X12 rear axle. This all adds up to a lightweight, smooth ride with a highly efficient setup for climbing as well as descending. Thought-through to the detail the SL AMR LC shines in a distinctive design that mirrors its outstanding steering accuracy and all-terrain versatility.

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