Gamers are looking for an exciting experience. This desire all players have was the starting point for developing the M-BOX, a gaming machine with a library of over 200 games. The playing fields are the two 27” screens that bring the game graphics to life in full HD. Nothing distracts, the only thing that limits the field of vision is the LED-frame. The intuitively used lower monitor and user-friendly keypad make it easy for guests to play. All this is the result of intensive in-house studies, backed by external studies of ergonomics conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute. Another feature designed with the players’ comfort in mind is the ergonomically designed money acceptance and payout possibility at the same level as the central console. The compact arrangement of the technological components has given the M-BOX elegant lines. M-BOX is the most energy-efficient multigamer in its class, cutting power consumption by up to 50 percent compared to other similar machines. The recyclability of individual components is in line with the company’s commitment to conserve natural resources. Consequently, the M-BOX has a long life whilst always being at the cutting edge of technology.

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