The mining town Kiruna in the north of Sweden is on the move – literally.
The years of mining activity has caused the ground beneath the city center unstable and at risk of collapse. So for safety reason, they need to relocate.
Besides the technical and practical challenges of relocating a town, there are fears of losing the warm community spirit and the identity of Kiruna.

Riksbyggen is an urban developer who will be one of the first to build new apartments in the new Kiruna. We wanted to give Kiruna a unique, warm and natural place to discuss all manner of things – from the big to the small. A building that reflects the stunning landscape and symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. So we build a public sauna.

Solar Egg is the result of reflections on climate change, technology’s role for humanity/technology’s impact on humanity/technology’s role in society, and the challenges faced when people have to accept dramatic change in their community and lives. It’s an art piece, installation and public sauna all at the same time.

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