“The Beauty of Korean Architecture” refers to a photography installation for the venue that connects Seoul Sky’s exhibition level to its observatory level. It is organized in the form of a corridor with dancheong (traditional multicolored paintwork) of palaces as a motif and a symbol of traditional Korean architecture. This exhibition is designed to express the characteristics of the Seoul Sky brand themed with “A new world above the sky” and the value of LOTTE WORLD TOWER, a new landmark of Korean architecture, through the patterns of dancheong which capture Korean history and culture in a condensed way.
“The Beauty of Korean Architecture” paid attention to the facts that architectural structures at palces are connected using corridors; that the corridors are places where the interior of a building and the sky; and that a formative feature of these corridors is dancheong. Therefore, photographs of dancheong were graphically treated before being printed upon transparent panels for installation. Then, RGB-based lighting was installed behind the panels to create unique interactions, which make the colors of patterns change as people move along the installation.

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