Initial situation:
All the planner information brochures, material descriptions, original fabric samples and glass samples for the three areas of application
• Large roofing (exterior)
• Façade glass, room dividers (glass)
• Horizontal and vertical lighting solutions (interior)
were handed over to the interested parties „as a collective work“ in a green file (green = part of the Sefar logo) without differentiation between the application-specific target groups.
The production costs and coverage waste were correspondingly high.

Conception and implementation of the „SEFAR architecture“ means of communication (print + fabric samples and glass samples) for specifically addressing the target groups of architects, planners, lighting designers, engineering partners. In this regard, particular importance was attached to reduced, architecture-related graphic design. With its consistency through all means of advertising (print and the Internet), the design guarantees a high recognition value and a clear optical delimitation from the other Sefar business areas.
Scope: Brochures; Original samples; Sample/archive-box; new internet presence of area architecture

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