Open countryside holds many surprises in store and even for the most minutely planned outdoor adventures it is crucial to carry the best possible equipment. The design of the Suunto Ambit GPS watch is based on many years of experience in outdoor sports equipment. It features an accurate, highly reliable GPS system complemented by a user-oriented interface that is intuitive to use. In addition, the Suunto Ambit comes in a very robust housing that makes it suitable for use even in extreme outdoor conditions. Its well-balanced proportions lend it an overall clear and highly elegant appearance. Other innovative features of this GPS watch are its individually programmable training and peak performance functions. This allows users to monitor their performance and thus train more accurately. Users can have their heart rate measured at regular intervals and receive important feedback from the system, including a training effect graph in real-time. The GPS watch also offers additional user functions such as the possibility of keeping an online sports diary including useful tools for track logging and analysis of one’s outdoor activities. The Suunto Ambit is available in “premium”, “rugged” or “light” models and thus also adapts well in this respect to individual preferences. With its sophisticated functionality and its very well structured interfaces, this GPS watch is a highly reliable and contemporary companion for outdoor activities.

Reliable companion

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