O-Yoroi is a tribute to the legendary figure of the Samurai. The Samurai armor was composed of:
• Head protection, whose features we find represented in the dial and in the crown of the watch.
• Shoulder protection, whose features are represented in the crown protector.
• Protection of the arms, legs and feet, whose features we find represented around the chest and in the lugs extensions. Observing the watch movement you can perceive the vibrations of a duel between two Samurai, represented by two pairs of opposite circles in the higher rehaut of the dial (eyes) and the exclusive lugs and hands (a reference to the “Kabuto maedate” helmet front crest of armor). While the two Samurai are in a constant study and observation, the two singular hands create geometric shapes in overlap between night and day. In the center of the dial it is placed the Tehen Kanamono that holds the hands. Considered once the entrance of the energy of the universe to help the Samurai, in the watch it is the place from where starts the force that moves the hands. The date window shows deliberately, partly, the previous day and the following: as a warning to live in the only time we have, the present.

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