With the rapid development of innovative technologies and Internet technologies, contemporary young people have been enthusiastically pursuing the fashion, cool and diversified smart products. However the smart wearable industry has also ushered in a new wave of enthusiasm.
HYBRID SMART WATCH is a subversion of the traditional watch areas, which combine with the high-precision quartz movement and high-definition full-color touch screen. Traditional watch switch to smart watch fluently through simple human-computer interaction, so that customer experience traditional style and more convenience of the intelligent technology at the same time. Watch not only has the mechanical pointer of the traditional watch, but also has a wealth of intelligent application interface, including sports monitoring, sleep management, information push, remote control, smart reminders ect.. Through the APP connected with the phone, you can get more exercise data and smart information . Table body selection of imported high-precision 316L steel, carefully polished by the traditional watchmaking process. ATM5-class waterproof, can be used for short-range swimming, wash your hands or shower.

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