Inspired by space, Fitbit Ionic™ utilizes geometric forms to create a device that is a lightweight, functional tool and a piece of activewear that can be worn all day and night. The nano-molded water-resistant case is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, enabling an intelligent housing that integrates GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth antennae and a spherical glass face that mimics the surface of the earth. Ionic is one of the strongest, lightest GPS watches on the market, and with on-trend interchangeable bands like perforated Horween leather and sport bands, it’s designed with style and comfort in mind.

With industry-leading features, Ionic advances Fitbit’s mission to make the world healthier. Our most advanced wearable, it collects data about your activity, sleep and heart health, offering more personalized insights and guidance that, when coupled with an engaging experience in the Fitbit mobile app, can help drive behavior change and track critical health metrics. Ionic keeps you connected with smart apps and notifications and pairs with most smartphones. Ionic has redefined how we think and learn about our health by making important health and fitness data accessible on the wrist.

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