Light is the source of all life. But time is inherently formless and ever changing. Through its artistic design, this watch symbolically links light and time and expresses light in multiple ways via the lacquer drop, the glass cover, and the diamond. The coloured decorative drop is made from lacquer in a contemporary reinterpretation of Urushinuri, a Japanese traditional coating technique. None of the handmade drops has the exact same colour or pattern, because the manner of layering the lacquer onto the drop produces a different colour tone and sheen every time. The gradated frosted glass projects a sense of time quietly flowing by, while the single diamond droplet used for the 12 o’clock index glistens on the bangle, imparting exquisite tension to the overall design. This ensemble of lighting effects evokes the glow of the moon, stars and planets while illuminating a path to the future for the women who wear the watch. Eco-Drive, a CITIZEN’s core technology that converts any light into energy to drive the watch, is the foundation of the Ambiluna Collection. Fusing Eco-Drive with ancient craftsmanship has created a new type of watch that goes beyond fashion.

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