The worldtime watches for POSCER , has a unique display the function of the city, and at 6 o ‚clock position indicative red lines on the side. After users can be adjusted through the location to see the side indicated by the red line of the timezone. In the past, the worldtime watches almost every style is on the small dial through small Numbers and city name to read and debug the different place of the time, many people may not know how to use, the effect of the dial looks complicated. But this design, let side shows 24 city zones round the watch, reduced the world watches to adjust time zone do not know how to start and check the problem. It also changed the former case of the case of stainless steel. New design for the side glass and stainless steel bezel, look more More stylish and thorough, It’s look like a Bauhaus building that USES modern building reinforced concrete to match the ground glass.

A transparent dial replaces the hour hand. The goal is to make the surface simpler and more special. At 12 o ‚clock position there is an hour of instruction, and the number turns to that position at that time. The dangling stent represents 12-hour scale.

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