In today’s world, a watch needs to be a fashionable statement piece of one’s own personality, rather than just a timekeeping instrument. Inspired by the Story “Around the World in 80 Days”, the romantic-feminine design of the Around the World Paris watch aims to fill the delicate space between the fragility of timekeeping and the uniqueness of fashion.
The watch bezel consists of an outer and an inner bezel ring, both decorated with a total of 95 diamonds. The interchangeable Charm component sits right in between them. It illustrates the city of Paris, skillfully ornamented with over 100 precious diamonds. The outer bezel ring on top of it, gives depth to the dream of traveling across the globe through illustrations of a hot air balloon and clouds on top of polished nacre. To accomplish this interchangeable design innovation, the crown of the watch had to be moved to the back, and sits almost hidden on the back of the watch case.
The Around the World Paris watch unites the functionality of a wristwatch with the customizable adaptability of fashion accessories in an aesthetically impressive feminine body of work, which takes its wearer on a dream of traveling around the globe.

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