Ropen is a new type of floor clock which displays time by light balls and provides a unique experience of reading time. The main features are how the time is displayed and the hourly lighting show.

For thousands of years, humans interpret time as numerous positional notations. However, we want to let the time jump out of indicators and numbers by displaying the time in a more imprecise way. The time is displayed by the glowing of a series of cylindrical light balls. There are 12 light balls fixed on the lamp stands in a row and each 3 of them as a group. The curved surfaces of the light balls represent hours, and the flat surfaces show minutes. With the different brightness of the light, users can see and feel the time. In addition, the hourly lighting show was inspired by Cuckoo clock and the concept of the dancing fountain was translated into its lighting effect.

With completely different characteristics of clocks, Ropen reshapes the experience of perceiving time and reinterprets the connection between people and time.

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