The zodiac + chinese Series
Current world is in a multicultural coexistence,communication, collision and fusion age; In 2017, after we presented Chinese traditional jewelry design „Chinese
zodiac“ in an international style, we will continue our original style to present Euramerican “ The zodiac+ Chinese“ from Chinese perspective and culture in 2018 ;
Both the Chinese zodiac and the zodiac has long history that related to everyone;
We use symbolism, metaphorical techniques and associative techniques to mix
and develop constellation pattern and entrust Chinese connotation to every
constellation; The Chinese zodiac and Western zodiac which has common
grand while different culture, they communicate with each other and complement
each other to meet diversified life style of Chinese urban youth which is
Developing quickly , they also provide new possibility in the term of zodiac
design based on Chinese culture.
The zodiac+chinese series of „Leo“
Lion was not originated in China, while be rewarded and respected as God
animal since antient time in China; Lion is the symbol of powerful,
grave and auspicious.

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