Sustainable Luxury
Using jewellery as a platform to engender narrative and sustainability

„Sustainable luxury“ is currently a global issue and was discussed by Tom Ford in the IHT’s annual luxury conference in Moscow in 2007. As the awareness of sustainable issues in fashion and related markets grows, „sustainability“ and „luxury“ are being integrated in order to reach a common goal.

I have created a new composite material to make rock type components that are combined with precious metal. By combining coffee grounds, charcoal, eggshell and gluten rice I have developed a method to transform materials that are traditionally deemed as worthless waste and given them an elevated position. Through hand-built craft process these ordinary elements take on an extraordinary appearance that suggest something precious and luxurious.
This series of jewellery has created a narrative dialogue about sustainability and luxury consumption. Through wearing and viewing this collection, the audience is free to let their imagination play. The subtle and evocative material qualities provide the opportunity for the audience to reconsider notions of precious and non-precious material.

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