Stellar, by KONZUK, is a new collection echoes the architectural principles of balance, rhythm, and harmony to symbolize the delicate art of achieving balance in our busy lives.

Each piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted in the designer/maker studio, resulting in subtle variations that make each piece unique. KONZUK’s guiding principle is ‘less is more and see to beauty in in the understated. The Stellar collection expands the modernist studio’s exploration into minimal forms, unique surface textures, and unorthodox materials.

Beautifully balanced, the Mathilde necklace features a 1” concrete sphere suspended below a smaller stainless ball. The piece can slide up or down to position the spheres low or high on the chest. The Mathilde earrings echo the design of the necklace engaging the helix of the wearer’s ear.

Technically referred to as 253, Mathilde is a main-belt asteroid about 50 km in diameter. It has a relatively elliptical orbit that requires more than four years to circle the Sun. It is a primitive C-type asteroid, which means the surface has a high proportion of carbon; giving it a dark surface that reflects only 4% of the light that falls on it.

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