Minimalist design and patent-protected technology form the symbiosis of this timelessly elegant piece of jewellery. The main components of the flexible and elastic bangle are a heat-treated stainless steel spiral inside, and on the outside a specially rolled gold spiral. Thanks to the thermal coating, greater expansion of the stainless steel is achieved without it losing its shape. The bangle’s ability to keep its shape is therefore an important innovative element. At the same time, thanks to its specific technical processing, the gold spiral has enough tension to move when the bangle is stretched and to spring back to its original form in a flawless state. The precise calculation of the diameter of both spirals is a prerequisite for the complex assembly process. Gold and stainless steel spirals lie with perfect precision on top of one another, permitting the optimum interplay of expansion and contraction. There is therefore no need for the traditional closure systems on bracelets, and at the same time the fit is improved. Jewellery-lovers can look forward to wearing this secure and robust bangle problem-free as they go about their daily routine.

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