The design concept of Revolve series is to concentrate different scenery on a charm. The charm consists of two rings. The inner ring shows the natural landscape while the outer ring shows the human landscape, and the outer ring can rotate around the inner ring. Through the rotation, we can enjoy different views. It can be worn as a ring, used as ornament, and can be used as a pendant necklace. All in all, it has variety of ways to wear.
This series has three kind of rings shown different views—— Revolve in Beijing, Revolve in Shanghai and Revolve in Classical Chinese garden. For example, The ring „Revolve in Beijing”, is divided into two layers. The inner ring is Beijing’s famous attractions, including the Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and so on, while the outer ring mainly shows the unique folk customs about Hutong in Beijing such as Hutong rickshaw tour and walking birds.

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