Eco on your hand. New Arts and Crafts upcycled bracelets. 100% handmade from PET bottles.

The idea of making jewelry from disposable PET bottles was born in my mind some time ago. While drawing inspiration from the world and its course I decided to create something innovative – a product that is not only well designed and beautiful but also actively promotes the idea of ecology and sustainable development. I wanted to disrupt the common thinking about so called “eco-products” and create a desirable environment friendly product which combines fashion and unique design into one.

I have been interested in fashion since I was a young boy. With time however, my passion for creating things had driven me towards product design. For a long time I had wanted to combine these two creative areas in my work, so given the opportunity of working independently again, I had reached into my past experiences and my present surroundings for inspiration. This led me to create unique bracelets – 100% handmade from PET bottles – the very first product line of PET PETITS.

PET PETITS is a brand geared towards conscious, trend aware and design oriented people that are into original, fashionable and eco-friendly novelty products. I believe that in today’s world, where mass manufacturing suppresses traditional craftsmanship, handmade recycled products are an alternative, and a tribute to natural environment. They are the New Arts and Crafts.

Since PET bottles are an extremely durable material coming in different shapes and colors, PET PETITS products are also characterized by durability and a multitude of designs and colors. They are a fashionable tribute to sustainability.

I make sure personally that each PET PETITS product is of highest quality and can be enjoyed for years as both a casual and evening wear accessory.

Wojciech Łanecki
Sir Henry | STUDIO

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